January 2006

What was behind the doors of the first education fair fro the year

On January 27th and 28th 2006 was held the event “Open Doors for education abroad”, where the visitors could’ve find the wide range of possibilities for education in foreign countries.

Greatest interest to the event showed those who wish to acquire a bachelor's or master's degree abroad. The candidates were searching universities that give possibilities for scholarships or a kind of student’s loans. One of the universities that give scholarships is the university college in Cyprus – Cyprus college, where the tuition fee for he academic years I 4950 Euro. The scholarships that the college gives are up to 50% of the tuition fee. Very attractive is also the proposal of Middlesex university where the students could combine different subjects as Business and Law, Computer science and management, Media and literature. The foreign students also have the opportunity to apply for scholarship up to 1000 GBP.

Two degrees could receive the students over the ocean as well. The American university - Johnson and Wales University that gives two degrees - college and bachelor degree diploma, after four years of education.

A large number of boarding schools had presented its programmes probably as an answer of the big interest from the Bulgarian students and their parents. Together with the British boarding schools, a big interested also had the schools from Switzerland.

Special scholarship up to 50% of the tuition fee gives the English boarding school Brooke House College. the school organizes competition for these scholarships which is help in two parts – English language and Maths, as well as personal interview with the director of the school.

One scholarship of 1000 USD and nine of 250 USA are also given with the exchange programme “One academic year” in the USA. The conditions of the competition include English language test and personal interview with the candidates. All the students who would like to take part at the competition must be between 15 – 18 years old and to have good level of English.


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